A ballroom transformed

WOVEN axminster carpet by Wilton Carpets, has been installed in the ballroom at The Queens hotel in Leeds.

Having redecorated the art deco ballroom of The Queens last year, the management subsequently decided to replace the carpet and the impact was said to be immediate:

Wayne Topley, general manager, The Queens explains: ‘The feedback received has been superb and we have seen a direct increase in our conversion of events using the space.’

The Queens asked the design team at Wilton Carpets to come up with a pattern that reflected the Ballroom’s art deco features. Senior designer, Matthew Robinson, created a design reportedly inspired by Art Deco’s structured, elegant geometrics.

Wilton crafted Matthew’s design in a bespoke 10-row wool-rich axminster quality that is said to be hardwearing, easy to maintain and which has reportedly had an impact on the client’s perception of the Ballroom:

‘The design really shows off the space and the quality of the carpet has raised the presentation of the Ballroom to a new level. Last year, we had our most successful Christmas period in seven-years and hosted over 10,000 covers,’ explains Wayne Topley. ‘The carpet still looks stunning and I’m sure it will for years to come. I only ever dared hope for the impact this carpet has brought. It’s a pleasure to show clients our new look Ballroom and watch them fall in love with it before my very eyes.’

The 800m2 of bespoke axminster carpet was installed by Pocklington Carpets.
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