New floor at Hyundai in Southampton

CSLL Contract Flooring has used Level IT Top to install a 700sq m floor at a new Hyundai garage workshop in Southampton.

With more than 75,000 employees and 5,000 dealerships and showrooms worldwide, Hyundai has continued to grow in popularity and in 2017 it achieved a sales growth of 9.8%, putting them 8.8% ahead of its UK business plan and increasing its market share from 3.35% to 3.45% - a figure which not all car manufacturers can boast.

To keep up with demand, Hyundai has opened several dealerships including Richmond Hyundai in Southampton. The dealership prides itself on its excellent customer service and the aftersales care package it also offers.

To enhance its servicing, body shop and MOT offerings, a new 700sq m workshop was built onsite at the Southampton dealership.

CSLL Contract Flooring, the chosen contractor for this project, used Level IT Top heavy-duty surface finish floor leveller to complete the subfloor preparation at this busy location.

Suitable for commercial and industrial applications, Level IT Top is said to be a polymer-rich, high-strength single-part, cementitious smoothing underlayment with exceptional abrasion resistance.

Level IT Top boasts a coverage of about 3.1sq m at 5mm, has a working time of 30-40 minutes, can receive foot traffic after just 2-3 hours and forklift traffic after 36 hours – minimising downtime and allowing business to resume quickly.

Level IT Top was applied by trowel to the concrete and cement substrate and was left as a finished wear surface before a resin coating was applied 48 hours later.
A quick response to a site visit request, ongoing support and communication and cost-effective solutions, were claimed to be some of the reasons why CSLL Contract Flooring chose to use UltraFloor for the installation.
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