Uzin assists at Hessle

UZIN has helped with the building of the Hessle Sporting Club. The Club based in Hull appealed for help from local businesses to assist with the building. East Riding Floors carried out the installation. Uzin provided a pallet of Uzin NC 150 smoothing compound to East Riding Flooring to help with the preparation of their floors. The sand and cement subfloor was brittle and showing signs of cracking across many areas. Along with UZIN NC 150 many of the company’s other products were used to help strengthen and reinforce the subfloor, such as UZIN PE 425 reinforcing primer and UZIN RR 203 Crack Bridge. It took about a week to complete the 200sq m before the vinyl was installed with UZIN KE 2428 adhesive. East Riding Flooring reportedly did an excellent job in fixing the problems with the subfloor helping create a perfect floor for the requirements of Hessle Sports Club.

Uzin were happy to help and support with free products said to be valued in excess of £1,000 for the local community.
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ABOVE: Floor preparation products were donated to the Hessle Sporting Club by Uzin