Uzin prepares for new-build flats

FARROW COURT is one of Ashford’s older sheltered housing schemes. Planning permission was granted to redevelop the site to provide a new dementia-friendly facility comprising a much larger day centre for use by the local community as well as the residents of Farrow Court.

CFA member Oxden Floors was contracted to supply and install floorcoverings to 33 flats and communal areas totalling 4,000 sq m, as part of phase 1. A site survey by Oxden Floors identified a number of issues with the anhydrite screed.

There was evidence of laitance on the surface of the anhydrite substrate and areas of damaged floor screed due to ingress of rain and cracks. The flooring contractor also advised the client that moisture measuring was required to establish the moisture content within the screed.

With UZIN’s specialist range of products for remedial work and systems for calcium sulphate screeds, Oxden Floors approached the company to provide a recommendation. Although the complications with the screed added a fair amount of additional work, between Uzin, the site operatives and Oxden Floors the overall hand-over date was not compromised. The final finish of the subfloor preparation is said to have been well received.

‘UZIN has the expertise and product range to overcome many issues encountered on site. This enabled us to propose a suitable solution and reduce ongoing delays to this project,’ said Lee Fox, md, Oxden Floors.
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ABOVE: Uzin’s specialist range of products was used in 33 flats and communal areas