Pincer movement

Keep your eye out for recent CFA publications designed to keep our members ahead of the game, says Richard Catt

WE recently re-issued the CFA handbook in hard copy and each reader of CFJ received their free edition.

Research has shown the construction industry still likes some hard copy to carry with them and our A5 format makes it easy to keep a CFA handbook handy at all times.

Through CFJ, specifiers, designers, main contractors, housebuilders, architects and manufacturers’ sales forces will all have been reminded of the CFA supply chain.

It’s of course complimented by the directory on the CFA website, which gives yet another way companies or individuals can find a CFA member. But as I say above, we know the hard copy remains popular.

We gave them away at Harrogate in September and will of course make them available at other events during the year. But if for any reason we’ve missed your copy and you’d like a copy or several copies, simply get in touch with the CFA office.

The following reproduces the introduction to the handbook to illustrate what we say to the construction industry are the benefits of using a CFA member and shows how we create interest in the CFA supply chain:
When speaking to CFA members, two things often stand out. Good flooring contractors have to be technically very competent and are also generally excellent problem-solvers.

Flooring is probably more diverse and technically challenging than many people, and dare I say it the wider construction industry, recognise.

Each product type from carpet tiles to broadloom carpet; sheet vinyl; lino; rubber and safety floors to luxury vinyl tile; laminate; engineered and solid wood - all have their challenges and options in terms of installation specification.

Use the wrong adhesive, with the wrong flooring product or the wrong primer on the wrong subfloor and you’re almost guaranteed a failure.

That’s why the CFA supports our members with technical documents such as the CFA’s Guide to Contract Flooring. It references British Standard and the accepted industry and best practice approach to the installation of all the common floorcovering types.

For your free digital copy of the Guide to Contract Flooring visit:

In terms of problem-solving, each installation generally presents their own. Translating design ideas into the finished item; providing good transitions between flooring materials; fitting to curves and around fixed objects; dealing with expansion joints and thresholds; working with other trades - albeit for flooring, we ideally need a clear space; phased installations to allow a working building to continue to operate.

All have to be managed and the problems (or opportunities) that arise overcome.

The fact that the CFA represent manufacturers and distributors is another compelling reason to work with our contractor members, because this gives strength across the supply chain.

Access to guidance on floor finishes, technical products in specialised areas such as subfloor preparation, moisture testing and fast track installation. All under the CFA banner and logo.

This handbook offers you an opportunity to tap into the vast knowledge and resource that is the CFA. And furthermore, develop relationships with companies that have been vetted by the CFA and annually audited to ensure they continue to meet our membership criteria – due diligence you don’t have to do.

It’s quite simple: to get the best value from your investment in flooring and frankly the best opportunity for a trouble-free installation choose and specify a CFA contractor member. Preferably using materials supplied through the wider supply chain of CFA manufacturers and distributors.

We’ve made it a bit of a pincer movement, because at the same time we’ve also rewritten and reprinted our ‘Why Join’ the CFA leaflet aimed at contractors, a copy of which has also been supplied with CFJ.
We have an extremely strong membership, but are always seeking to gain new, quality members and this leaflet outlines the benefits that can be enjoyed.

The obvious benefits most people think of are the ability to use the CFA logo and as I outline above, the way we promote members to the wider construction industry such as getting more or high-quality work.
And if that interests you and you’re at all sitting on the fence, now is probably a good time to join as interest in using CFA members will surely be at a high.

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Richard Catt is ceo of the CFA