The only thing that’s certain is that nothing is certain

Richard Catt emphasises why the CFA Members’ Handbook is another invaluable asset for members.

WITH your September edition of CFJ, you received your free copy of the 2018/2019 CFA’s Members’ Handbook. The hard copy version of our online directory located on the CFA’s website. Just as an indication of its value, the website receives up to 2,500 hits per month.

Just in case the first thing you did, as many do, was turn to the pages for your county to see who’s listed, I’ve asked CFJ to reproduce the introduction below.

The intention is to demonstrate how we’re currently promoting the CFA supply chain, highlight to non-members what they’re missing and perhaps stimulate them to consider joining.

CFA Handbook 2018/2019 - Introduction

‘The only thing that’s certain, is that nothing is certain’. This is a phrase I’m hearing a lot from experts, such as the Construction Products Association (CPA), with reference to the current economic climate.

Events around Brexit are of course a leading factor, but if Brexit were not bad enough, construction and specialist contractors generally, have had a pretty difficult couple of years. The collapse of Carillion highlighted the importance and challenges of a robust supply chain, and within that, maintaining a skilled and competent specialist workforce.

But that’s when the CFA and our members are at our strongest, offering certainty amid the uncertainty: at least in the world of contract flooring. CFA members are vetted, and contractor members complete an annual return to demonstrate their continued ability to do business and offer a quality installation.

This process includes many elements of due diligence that clients would otherwise undertake: checks on financial health, relevant insurances, method statements, risk assessments, H&S and environmental policies. These and other measures are a prerequisite to awarding the CFA logo. The fact the CFA also represents manufacturers and distributors is another compelling reason to work with our contractor members, because this gives strength across the supply chain.  

The CFA goes further by supporting our members with targeted training through their own training organisation Fita ( and technical documents such as the CFA’s Guide to Contract Flooring. This is a useful tool for specifiers too, because it references British Standards and gives the accepted industry and best practice approach to the installation of all the common flooring types. There’s guidance on floor finishes, subfloor preparation, moisture testing and fast track installation. All under the CFA banner and logo.

Members of the CFA provide a quality supply chain across the flooring industry and offer you an opportunity to tap into the vast knowledge, resource and to some extent ‘certainty’ that is the CFA. It’s straightforward: to get the best value from your investment in flooring, and the best opportunity for a trouble-free installation, simply choose and specify a CFA member for your commercial flooring needs.

You’ll find the contact details of our members in this easy-to-use resource, helping you select CFA members for your contract flooring projects. Visit to access our online Member Directory – where you can search for contractors by geographical area or by flooring type.

CFA members are constantly promoted to specifiers, designers, main contractors and end clients. Just one job a year from that alone can pay for a year’s subscription, without considering all the other benefits that are on offer. Can you afford not to be a member?

The CFA is a leading trade association representing the flooring industry. If you’d like an application pack or further information on the benefits of membership, contact the CFA offices on 0115 9411126, email or apply online at
0115 9411126
Richard Catt is ceo of the CFA