Something for everyone

IN this month’s bumper edition of CFJ, we have something for every taste in flooring. Apart from the usual suspects – case reports, product files and features including finishes, contract carpets and flooring in shopping locations and retail centres – there are several bonus additions.

In our points-of-view section we have a reaction to last month’s exclusive interview with Suzannah Nichol, ceo of Build UK. It comes from Barry Ashmore of StreetwiseSubbie, with a response from Suzannah in her right of reply, and provides fresh insight into the tumultuous debate around fair payment and retention.

Our problem-solution feature is back, with this question posed and answered by Stuart Morris of Haro (among others): ‘When installing a wood or laminate floor using the floating method, what is the maximum area I can lay before I need to consider mid-floor movement joints?’

Angus Fotheringhame of Forbo Flooring Systems is the focus of our in-depth interview. Between June 2003-March 2007, as managing director of the Australian and New Zealand businesses, Angus instigated considerable change and growth. As he puts it: ‘We relocated the business, implemented new systems and doubled turnover during a turnaround phase.’

Turnover was more than doubled during his tenure and in the three years after Angus left, it continued to grow to almost four times what it had been seven years earlier.
He was duly rewarded on his return to Kirkcaldy, being appointed managing director of Forbo UK.

It’s always a pleasure interviewing ambitious business personalities, tracing the trajectory of their careers in the industry, and Angus is no exception.

And for those who are fans of our training pages, you’ll be pleased to note this month Matt Bourne of FloorSkills returns, talking about two of his course attendees. Matt’s been having a hectic time of it lately in both his personal and professional life, and CFJ would like to congratulate him and his wife Jess on the arrival of the newest addition to the Bourne clan.

Also in the training section, Mick O’Flynn, training manager at the CFA, continues his valuable contributions with a column about how floorlaying apprenticeship training providers need your support.

Finally, in the Advice pages, Brian King of the NICF, has a cautionary tale about how stress and long hours contributed to a heart condition. It’s compulsory reading for all flooring contractors - young or old.

‘After 27 years of installing floorcoverings, I still love doing it and can’t imagine not doing it,’ writes Brian. ‘We don’t really think about the stress some retailers are under, the representatives who’re pressured to meet targets etc. Is it worth risking our health over?’
A good question.