Shining a light on newly reopened theatre

AFTER being closed for over a decade, the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester is enjoying a new lease of life after a £3.6m investment in the building.

The main auditorium of the theatre has been refurbished with 900 new seats, sound desks and lighting systems, as well as the installation of a café, licensed bar and TV gallery. The foyer, studio theatre and entrance areas have been modernised, while retaining the original feel of the old Haymarket Theatre.

As part of the project, Gradus was chosen to supply and fit continuity LED step lighting to provide a contemporary linear effect and complement the new modern interior of the theatre. Not only does step lighting add to the design, but it also allows customers and staff to move around safely in darkened lighting conditions.

Natalie Cheary, PR and marketing director at Haymarket Consortium, said: ‘The lighting system supplied by Gradus is perfect for the new look of the theatre. Not only does it create a safe environment, but it also adds to the theatre’s ambiance and customers’ enjoyment.’

RNT718L blue continuity stair-edgings were selected to clearly identify the edge of steps in the theatre, helping customers and staff identify changes in level and reduce the risk of slips and trips on the stairs in low light conditions. For additional safety, all Gradus stair-edgings feature slip-resistant inserts.

Paul Hodgkinson, senior project manager at Gradus, added: ‘It was great to be part of a project to resurrect a theatre that had been closed for over a decade. Seeing new life being breathed into it and knowing that our stair-edgings were helping to provide a safe yet aesthetically pleasing solution was really exciting.’
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