Bona ‘doubles capacity when new distribution centre opens’

BONA is celebrating its biggest investment with the opening of a new distribution centre in Limburg, Germany. The centre doubles the capacity for handling and distributing goods and introduces several environmentally friendly features in line with Bona’s focus on sustainability.

Limburg is located in the centre of Germany, Bona’s biggest market in Europe, and provides all subsidiaries in Europe, US, Latin America and Asia, as well as Bona Centers, distributors and craftsmen, with the whole Bona product range.

Situated on a 40,000sq m site, the new 9,200sq m facility, when completed, will offer modern warehouse management systems and equipment that supports a more efficient distribution in line with Bona’s plans for growth, says the company.

In the future, a further doubling of the warehouse capacity is also possible. For Bona’s customers this means better availability of products, improved delivery performance and better quality and flexibility in terms of service, the company adds.

‘We have an ambitious growth strategy and for the last couple of years we’ve seen a growing   need to increase our distribution capacity in Europe to give our customers better service. This is Bona’s biggest investment ever and a crucial factor in supporting the future growth of our business.

‘As sustainability is at the core of our business I am extremely proud of the green features of this facility and the positive impact it has on the environment and the local community,’ said Kerstin Lindell, president & ceo of Bona AB.

A green investment: As sustainability and the environment are priorities for Bona, building a distribution facility with green features was an obvious decision and a way of positively impacting the environment Bona operates in.

The facility is equipped with solar panels, providing up to 616 kW peak capacity, making the new centre self-sufficient but also supplying power to the public grid.

The panel orientation is east/west which means they can provide more power in the morning and evening, when needed. The construction also incorporates a ‘green roof’ for growing specific plants. Currently half of the total ground surface will be unused, and seeded with local wildflowers to support bees and insects. An additional 42 trees have also been planted onsite.

The distribution centre will be equipped with other green features such as heat pumps for heating and charging points for e-bikes and cars. An electric shuttle will be used for transporting goods the short 3,5km distance from Bona’s adhesive plant to the new centre.

This will reportedly be a significant benefit for the region as it contributes to less particles and lower nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide levels in the city centre. Several years ago, Bona also switched from road to more environmentally friendly rail transport to bring its goods from Sweden to Germany.

Dr Marius Hahn, mayor of Limburg, said, ‘I’m delighted for our city that a fast-growing company like Bona, investing in a new facility, has made the decision to remain here with us in Limburg. I wish the company a very prosperous future. It’s been a particularly special experience for me as, for the first time since my appointment as mayor, I’ve been able to follow such a project from its initial planning through the construction process to the opening.’

During the inauguration, stakeholders and representatives from the public sector, as well as Bona’s senior management team will be given the first official tour of the complete site. The new distribution centre is expected to be fully operational at the beginning of 2018.
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