‘Get creative with Wilton Carpets’

IN shades of fjord, demerara, burnt copper and gunmetal, the Creations colour palette is claimed to be the foundation of many striking woven carpet designs from Wilton Carpets, now curated in ‘Creations: Ready to Weave’, a brochure now available from the Wiltshire manufacturer.

‘Demonstrating the impressive versatility of designs made with the Creations palette, the brochure charts the ability of Creations to enhance the cool, elegant interiors of hospitality and leisure settings, mansion apartments and high-traffic commercial spaces,’ says the company.

‘From the vitality and spirit of modern patterns to the contemporary interpretation of traditional motifs, Creations delivers functional base tones and gorgeous radiating highlights for carpets that aren’t only beautiful but commercially viable too.’

The company continues: ‘As part of the Ready to Weave concept, the Creations palette can be used in any combination of the 12 colours available across any design - library or otherwise - bringing designers the opportunity to deliver a bespoke look that’s perfectly matched to their interior and ready within just four weeks.’

‘Creations was created as a reaction to the cool and calm greys and blues that have gained traction in commercial interiors,’ explains Damian Roscoe, creative director, Wilton Carpets. ‘The move away from richer, regal bases to these new colours, along with flashes of ultra-popular ochre, green and icy blue working as beautiful highlights; provides a thoroughly modern colourbank in-tune with today’s interior palettes.’

Using Creations as a base for many of its new woven axminster carpet designs, including Havana, Nova Scotia and Urban, Wilton Carpets says it’s underlined the important role that this new ultra-usable palette is playing in its design direction.

‘The ‘Creations: Ready to Weave’ brochure illustrates this beautifully and promises inspiration for designers looking to bring beautiful carpets to their commercial projects.’
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