Granorte unveils ‘corking new website’

GRANORTE has released a new website,, that it says reveals the depth of the company’s abilities in developing unique cork surfaces, materials and products.

The new website catalogues Granorte’s ranges of flooring, wall and tile products that bring cork’s unique aesthetic and beneficial properties to homes and businesses across Europe.

As a renewable, natural material, cork is reportedly an excellent base for interior surfaces, offering a hypoallergenic, elastic, insulating, fire retardant and durable finish in a wide range of applications.

Exploring these properties in detail, the website reveals cork can be combined with materials such as leather and vinyl for flooring that delivers a more traditional aesthetic in products that benefit from cork’s properties.

Collections also explore direct digital printing and the ability to produce cork products in three dimensions with 3DFORMS wall tiles.  

‘Our new website gives a fascinating insight into cork and how Granorte has developed technology to harness its properties in a range of performance surfaces,’ says Paulo Rocha, R&D.

‘Visitors can also find out more about our innovative approach to cork and how we use the latest manufacturing techniques, including a seven-axis robotic CNC machine to product products such as the award-winning NuSpa cork sinks and baths.’
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