Haro app ‘helps dealers, installers intensify customer relationships’

AS an exclusive HomeFox partner, Haro says it’s giving its customers new opportunities to improve their own customer relationships.

HomeFox is a digital service manual that enables property owners to keep a close eye on important aspects relevant to their homes. It contains simple and practical tips, reminders and guides on how owners can maintain the value of their own four walls.

The app enables dealers and installers to communicate with their customers on a regular basis without additional effort of their own. Haro provides the app to its partners free.
In HomeFox, Haro is providing its dealers and installers with a communication solution that’s already customised to its requirements, and which is claimed to be a simple, convenient way of staying in touch with customers.

The app covers a range of topics relevant to properties: floorcare, burglary protection, avoiding mildew, saving energy, maintenance and repair, gardening tips, legal advice, finance and insurance. Haro says it’s not only supporting its dealers and installers but is helping create satisfied end-customers at the same time.

Haro relates an example: HomeFox reminds purchasers of parquet that they need to take regular care of their flooring, also providing tips on how to best maintain its looks and value.

Mistakes are avoided and parquet owners can take pleasure in their flooring for many years to come. Apart from tips about parquet floors, customers are given many other recommendations relevant to their homes and gardens.

According to Haro, dealers and installers who use HomeFox enjoy five main benefits:

  • Continued customer proximity – particularly subsequent to purchase
  • Ongoing presence as a contact partner for additional business and further service offerings
  • Recommendations by customers
  • Direct communication with customers – content is provided by HomeFox and requires no additional effort on the part of the dealer or installer
  • Enhanced customer acceptance as a competent service partner

The success of its dealers and installers is of central importance to Haro, the company says. It adds that this is why it provides them with their own version of HomeFox free, integrating individual logos and contact details, for example.

‘Dealers and installers are able to communicate with their customers in a simple, convenient manner, so maintaining valuable contact for the future,’ says Haro.