Invista Antron stays in play

PRESENTED in the fifth edition of the Global Colour Trend Forecast, Play from Invista Antron is one of four key themes working as key design drivers for 2019 and beyond.

‘Owing much to the popularity of the Bauhaus movement and its bold use of geometric shapes and strong colour, Play sees bold and vibrant shades prevail through blocking,’ says the company.

‘Underlining our growing focus on workplace wellbeing, the theme captures the fun of design, contributing to spaces that facilitate escape from the everyday and instil a sense of happiness in the workplace.

‘Driven by its role as mood influencer, Play is dominated by cheerful tones across the spectrum, from millennial pink to pop-like yellows, blues, greens and purples.

‘Combined with bold aesthetics and a modular approach to personalising spaces, Play is a theme with a mischievous spirit that sees geometric and dimensional conundrums occur through combinations of pattern and colour.’  

Anne Marie Commandeur, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, responsible for the work in Antron Global Colour Trend Forecast said: ‘These colours spice up everyone’s environment and can also create pattern by blocking, collaging and composing abstract figures. They address the need for more personalised environments and offer a creative tool to colour our personal space.’

Play sits alongside three carefully put-together colour themes for 2019/2020 that point towards a proactive attitude to providing people with the tools to feel happy in the workplace, the company says.

‘Giving carpet manufacturers and interior designers a unique perspective on how colour will impact space in the years ahead, the forecast explores the impact of colour and its link to changing mid-sets and socioeconomic shifts.’

Compiled in collaboration with trend expert Anne Marie Commandeur, of design, fashion, textiles and material agency, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, the Global Colour Trend Forecast 2019/2020 report is now available from Invista Antron carpet fibre in hardcopy or digital format.