Kährs Group builds pellet plant in Nybro

KAHRS Group, a manufacturer of wood flooring and PVC-free resilient flooring, has built a pellet plant in Nybro, Sweden. The company says that as part of its dedication to the environment and sustainability, the plant has allowed it to produce biofuel from wood material that cannot be used for flooring production.

By offering a standardised pellet product, Kährs offers fossil-free fuels with reduced transportation. The plant is located next to Kährs existing site in Nybro, Sweden, where the company was founded more than 160 years ago. Ekman & Co assist with sales and logistics of the wood pellets.

‘We’re proud of making this investment to build this facility, which is completely in line with Kährs sustainability profile. By further refining the wood fuel raw material to pellets we increase usability, while giving more opportunities to use the environmentally sustainable fuel option,’ said Christer Persson, president and ceo of Kährs Group.

The new plant opened in December 2018 and has the capacity to produce up to 60,000t of pellets per year. Kährs says it’s dedicated to the environment and continue to innovate to find ways for a more responsible, green production.