You're not sending enough emails!

That might sound an odd thing to say but bear with me here and all will be revealed.

FOR many years, it was generally accepted that there were about 20 different ways to market a business but a recent online article suggests there are now 43.

The list includes the usual tried-and-tested methods such as advertising, direct marketing and social media, as well as newer marketing techniques coming to the fore as advertisers find more innovative ways to reach their customers.

As with most things in modern life, marketing, it seems, has become very complicated. Or more sophisticated, depending on your viewpoint.

As a believer in keeping things simple, I want to remind you about one of the least complicated but most cost-effective aspects of marketing that a specialist contractor can employ.

Don’t discount email marketing
Our in-boxes are continually under siege from emails. From day-to-day communications essential to getting things done, to marketing and sales emails that claim to help you improve this or that. Right down to useless spam.

It may drive you mad, but it’s a fact that well directed, content rich email is one of the most important aspects of sales and marketing that you can do. You may think your prospects and customers don’t want to be bothered by your emails but that simply isn’t the case. On the contrary, a prominent marketing guru I subscribe to says this:

‘However many business emails you send out, you’re not sending enough!’

And that’s just as true in the world of contract flooring and here are seven different types of email you should be using to communicate with and engage your audience.

1 Welcome email
Welcome emails are introductory emails giving information about your business to new customers. It’s said they’ll generate four times more ‘opens’ and five times more ‘clicks’ than standard emails. Consequently, they’re a useful element of your marketing armoury.

2 Email newsletter
Email newsletters inform your audience of the latest news, products and other developments happening within your business. You can publish a newsletter as a single story with images, or you can publish three or four separate stories in a newsletter, showing each as a headline, a thumbnail image and a clickable link to the full story on your website.
According to research, 83% of business-to-business marketers use email newsletters for marketing purposes.

3 New product or promotional email
This type of email announces and promotes new products that might be of interest to specific customers. Customers like to receive these communications as it helps to make them feel engaged with your business and demonstrates your commitment to them.

4 Testimonial email
These are among the most important emails you can send. They provide customers with impartial authentication that a particular product or service you provided met their needs. Case Studies explaining how you have carried out a particular project, or solved a problem, are also a very powerful way of getting your skills across.

5 Tips and training email
You can distribute helpful content like videos and articles that give your subscribers instructions how to get the most from your products. You will have seen the type of thing on YouTube, where you can find out exactly how to carry out almost any type of repair or task. Think how this approach might relate to products you sell and might be of benefit to your customers.

6 Survey email
It’s very easy to sound out the thoughts, expectations or intentions of your customers using an email survey. They’re very easy to produce and websites like ‘Survey Monkey’ offer free survey delivery. People are more likely to respond positively to a survey sent by email, rather than a phone call or an online survey. You can also offer a small prize to increase response.

7 Re-engagement email
Re-engagement emails are a handy way to make content with someone who you haven’t been in touch with for some time. You can use them to breathe life into old lists and to reconfirm subscriber information, to ensure your data records are up-to-date. They’re also an ideal way to encourage people to ‘opt in’ to receive emails from you. Under GDPR, opt-ins are particularly important if you deal with sole traders or consumers.

Drive your success with email marketing
You can drive your success with email because it’s one of the most important and cost-effective marketing tools available. Done properly it’s still one of the best ways to spread your message to a broad audience and drive loyalty among existing clients. Make it part of your marketing strategy.

Business-to-business email campaigns don’t always focus on achieving immediate results but are concentrated on lead generation, lead nurturing and building up credibility within your industry. The decision-making process can be much longer and there’s often more than one person involved in purchasing contract flooring products or services.

Like every other part of your marketing mix, email requires a well thought out strategy in order to be effective. You can have the best database in the world but if your email content is irrelevant, very few will engage with your message.

If you’re not using email as a means to market your business, then I strongly suggest you have a good look at how it can help you find new customers and sell more to existing ones.
As ever, if you need any help in setting up marketing emails for your business, do not hesitate to contact me. By email if you wish!
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