30 years of laminate floors

HARO says it made the decision in 1987 to extend its parquet and flooring expertise into the growing laminate market segment. It has been marketing laminate floors for the 30 years since.

Haro laminate floors have seen consistent developments since this time: installation systems such as TOP Connect, surface finishes such as soft matt, the noise insulation system Silent CT and wood styles.    

It is claimed Haro used the highest-quality materials from the outset for manufacturing laminate floors, such as the HDF coreboard, the overlay and the style paper used.

Haro says it consistently uses nature as its guide when it comes to its surfaces: aiming for surface textures that feel real to the touch with characteristics to match the style. The company claims its laminate floors can scarcely be distinguished from real parquet.

Haro offers four different Tritty series, six formats and designs, 14 different surface appearances and more than 100 different styles.

Haro’s laminate floors reportedly feature an extremely hard and scratch-proof surface together with a moisture-resistant base layer. These two features combined are said to make the product sensitive to footfall sound. Haro’s Silent CT technology has led to what the company calls demonstrably the quietest laminate floor in the world with indoor sound reduction of more than 60%.

Haro also offers accessories tailored to its laminate floors. Skirtings, insulation underlay, adhesives, cleaning and care products as well as wall and floor mouldings are available. Moreover, the company says, retail customers especially value the fast delivery times, one-shop supply, availability of individual formats and styles and matching accessories.
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ABOVE: Haro’s laminate floors have seen consistent developments for the past 30 years