‘Express yourself with IVC’

BRINGING the ultimate blend of imagination and innovation to off-the-shelf LVT, IVC’s Moduleo 55 Expressive delivers 12 unique looks designed to transform commercial interiors with high-style flooring,’ says the company.

‘From the chevron wood of Bohemain and the eclectic planks of Mystical to the random-shaped tiles of Jumble Stone and linear parquet of Shades, Moduleo Expressive 55 is packed with unusual looks that elevate interiors beyond the ordinary. With emboss-in-register technology, where the surface texture exactly follows the décor beneath, the collection is wonderfully creative and also impressively authentic.

And rather than use a standard size, IVC cuts planks or tiles precisely to the design, allowing the creation of stand-out floors without compromise.’

IVC continues: ‘The perfect way to add feature-level aesthetics to the floor, 55 Expressive is ready for commercial interiors with a high-performance specification that can take on the stiffest of challenges.

‘Featuring IVC’s Protectonite PUR coating for impressive scratch, stain and scuff resistance, as well as supremely easy maintenance, the floor can withstand use in busy areas and has already been proving itself in workplaces and hospitality locations throughout Europe. With a 0.55mm wearlayer that sees a Class 33 rating, there’s no doubt this water-resistant LVT is beautiful and exceptionally tough too.’

David Bigland, managing director, IVC Group UK, says: ‘55 floors are our toughest grade LVTs ready for busy workspaces and hospitality locations. Attaching this enduring specification to our most creative stock collection means we’re empowering designers to make a great first impression at handover, safe in the knowledge the floors will also continue to impress clients under intense use: it’s the perfect blend of design and performance.’

Designed and made in-house at IVC’s LVT production facility in Belgium, 55 Expressive features up to 50% recycled content, but that’s just part of this floor’s sustainability story.

‘IVC repurposes all of 55 Expressive’s production waste and has the worldwide industry’s largest PVC recycling facility, converting over 20,000t every year into its high-performance backing,’ says the company.
‘Using wind turbines to generate 40% of its annual energy consumption and sending 90% of its floors to export through inland waterways, IVC is pioneering a more sustainable way to manufacture LVT.’