‘Happy floors for healthcare’

WITH vinyl flooring from ITEC CONTRACT FLOORS, specifiers can apparently ensure the floor for their next healthcare project is easy to clean, hygienic, welcoming and comfortable.

Featuring Hyperguard+, all sheet vinyl flooring from Itec is claimed to be easy to clean. Resisting scuffs and dirt, the PUR treatment reportedly ensures no specialist maintenance is needed for the lifetime of the floor and that normal cleaning leaves a surface that looks visibly cleaner.

Selected collections, such as Optimise 70, are also equipped with Sanitec to improve resistance to bacteria.

‘All floors from Itec have been proven to inhibit bacteria growth, but the addition of Sanitec provides an active measure to make sure that bacteria are stopped in their tracks,’ says the company. ‘An integral part of the wear layer, Sanitec provides permanent hygienic protection and an extra layer of security for hygiene sensitive locations.

‘Suitability for healthcare environments can be boosted further with Inivisweld, a proprietary installation method that relies on a chemical weld for a floor with less places for dirt to hide.

‘Invisiweld eliminates the weak and dirt-harbouring joins produced through conventional hot-welding, contributing to a floor that’s hygienic and one that retains the aesthetic integrity of wood, tile or architectural designs.

‘The four-metre width option also helps reduce the total number of seams in congregation, entrances, waiting areas and treatment rooms; minimising these potential hot-spots.’

With many floors from Itec Contract Floors rated for Class 34 Very Heavy Commercial use, there’s no doubt they have the durability for busy healthcare environments too, even in welcoming home-like wood effects, the company claims.

‘Designs such as Groutless Wood and Chevron Oak from the Concept Woods collection can contribute to a modern look and a welcoming feel that helps soothe patients.’
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