Interiors inspired by Iceland

INVISTA ANTRON carpet fibre has revealed a key commercial interior trend for 2018 with a reference book dedicated to the culture, communities and landscapes of Iceland.

‘Inspiration 2018’ features striking reference photography from a broad spectrum of Icelandic subjects, including nature, architecture, colours, light and street art; touching on core themes the company claims are set to shape commercial interiors in the year ahead.

The book covers diverse topics; detailing the vibrant reds found on the roofs and facades of traditional homes and the colour’s contrast to the rich greens of the landscape, to the coveted hand-crafts that form the mainstay of the country’s fashion and interiors.

Stephan Hanke, Invista Antron carpet fibre, says: ‘With ‘Inspiration 2018’, we have explored the stunning landscapes and distinctive culture of Iceland, a country that’s incredibly rich and layered and with a complex relationship with its harsh and isolated environment.

‘Living at the extremes of climate and at times quite inaccessible, Icelandic communities must look towards the resources of their environment and traditional crafts to prosper. In modern times, as we see a return to Global uncertainty, this appeals to our desire to retreat and surround ourselves with the familiar and trusted.’

Antron carpet fibre is said to be at the heart of many design-orientated commercial carpets, its performance letting designers explore new creative concepts without sacrificing durability, appearance retention and ease of maintenance. With over 200 colours available in solution-dyed polyamide with Antron Lumena carpet fibre, as well as numerous lustres and deniers in dye-ready yarns, Invista Antron claims its carpet fibre is at the forefront of modern carpet innovation.