Longcliffe Quarries launches Longfloor

Longcliffe Quarries is now supplying LONGFLOOR, a dry powder bulk binder for the manufacture of liquid cement screeds.

The Longfloor liquid cement screed system is said to have major advantages over both traditional screeds and anhydrite/gypsum flowing screeds.

Longfloor says its screed system can be laid at ten times the speed of traditional screeds, manual handling is avoided and a denser, more even surface and creamy smooth finish achieved.

Longfloor reportedly dries at three times the speed of anhydrite/gypsum based flowing screeds. Contamination and blistering issues with wet concrete or cement based floor adhesives are said to be avoided.

This product is reportedly not susceptible to cracking, crazing or curling and can be laid in wet areas. Applications are said to include both domestic and commercial and provide good thermal conductivity over underfloor heating. It can be applied down to 25mm thickness in bays of up to 150sq m. Longfloor says a single crew can lay 1000sq m in a day.

Stockists are typically ready mixed concrete plants, mixer or dry leg. Delivery to customer can be from drum mix or volumetric trucks. Longfloor liquid cement screed is discharged or more usually pumped in to the building, then simply dappled before applying Longcure, a sprayed proprietary curing agent.

As a result of a unique manufacturing process Longfloor is said to have a certified 95% recycled content.

Andy Littler, Longfloor director said: ‘We are very excited about this pioneering easy to use screed product. For many years the concrete industry has tried to develop a cement based liquid screed which flows well, dries quickly and is not prone to cracking.‘
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