New ranges ‘to deliver design freedom’

ALTRO has added LVTs and designer walls ranges to its floors, doors and walls package so, the company says, you can realise your design ambitions in every area for ‘a true full building solution’.  

‘Delivering stunning aesthetics with outstanding durability, all backed by Altro’s sector-leading support and expertise, Altro Ensemble modular flooring system and Altro Whiterock wall designs combine perfectly with other Altro products as part of a package of expert solutions to meet the needs of all areas of commercial buildings,’ says the company.

‘New Altro Ensemble modular flooring system is the next generation of LVTs. From colour blocking to geometric patterns, with a range of plank and tile sizes and textures, Altro Ensemble gives design freedom to create luxurious floors for interior spaces. With 57 options to mix and match, the modular flooring system has natural wood and stone designs and bloc colours too.

‘Altro Ensemble is 2.6mm thick with a 0.55mm wear layer, 15dB sound reduction qualities and added comfort underfoot, with minimal residual indentation and excellent durability. A truly exceptional material, it combines these features with unique flexibility and is lightweight, making it easy to transport, cut and handle for installation.’

The company points out that Altro Ensemble is ‘the perfect partner’ to Altro’s new range: Altro Whiterock wall designs – a new vision in wall decoration with natural wood, stone and linen options plus ‘stunning metallic designs to give elegance to interior walls while providing the durability you expect from Altro Whiterock. The range includes a copper design that is already proving popular with designers’.

Altro Whiterock wall designs has a range of trims and silicone sealants available and combines with Altro floors and doors for what the company claims is a fully sealed, impervious solution for non-clinical environments.  

‘The new high-design ranges coordinate with Altro’s package of floors, walls and doors to deliver solutions for every area of commercial buildings so there is no need to compromise on choice, aesthetics or performance in order to benefit from Altro’s excellent support and service,’ says Altro.

‘The new ranges are the natural progression of tried-and-tested products, each harnessing decades of research and expertise in the UK and in Germany, with extensive customer feedback integrated into the development process.’

Although new to the UK, Altro Ensemble is the latest generation of a product which has been designed, and manufactured in Germany, where its enjoyed market success for many years and is an excellent example of German engineering at its best, Altro claims.

‘It’s undergone an extensive redesign process, which has benefited from the combination of existing technology and new expertise from several sources including award-winning colour consultant Knut Völzke.

‘In developing Altro Ensemble, the design team has taken inspiration from the Bauhaus design school’s philosophy of combining form and function to engineer products that meet the customers’ biggest challenges, such as the need for cleanability, sustainability and flexibility. The result is a premium modular flooring system that offers variety and design freedom to create sophisticated, contemporary and striking designs. It also has the benefits of local sustainably sourced raw materials made to Altro’s exacting manufacturing standards, which ensure high quality, excellent durability and high-performance characteristics.’

Altro concludes: ‘Altro Whiterock wall designs are the latest development from Altro’s UK design and development team, building on decades of experience. The new range makes a showstopping design statement.

It’s perfect for general circulation areas, receptions and foyers, as well as wet environments such as bathrooms and spas, creating a design focal point in areas where you want to make an impression. Matching sealants and contrasting and co-ordinating trims are available.’