‘Pocket-size’ product guide

TILEMASTER Adhesives has launched its 2018/19 product guide. The new pocket-sized guide presents Tilemaster’s full range of products – including new Magix Adhesive - alongside generic technical information.

It also presents the PCS range of Delta boards and Delta trays which are available from Tilemaster.

A pdf version of the product guide can also be downloaded at www.tilemasteradhesives.co.uk

‘Alongside informative and easy to follow substrate preparation guides, Tilemaster’s product guide offers expert advice on areas including moisture testing, movement joints and substrate priming and preparation,’ says the company.

European Standards and classifications are also listed, as well as recommended specifications for all substrates and material types.

Each product page contains a substrate type and tile type table, so customers can apparently quickly understand the suitability and areas of use for each Tilemaster product.

A fold-out Tile Adhesive selector chart is also positioned at the back of the guide, for quick reference. Other complimentary resources include Tilemaster’s Grout 3000 colour chart for easy colour matching.

For copies of the product guide and colour charts, use the contact details below.
01772 456831