Say Goodbye to Ugly Welds with Invisiweld

INVISIWELD is claimed to be making commercial vinyl from ITEC CONTRACT FLOORS more attractive to end-users with improved realism on wood and stone effects and uninterrupted architectural and mineral decors.  

Rather than the wide seam of hot weld installation, Itec’s Invisiweld installation method relies on a chemical bond to fuse edges together, leaving a join that’s said to be barely noticeable. Reportedly offering a more seamless look to the Belgian-made range of two and four-metre wide flooring, an Invisiweld joint is also claimed to be strong.

Suitable for use on all safety, acoustic and decorative flooring from Itec Contract Floors, a practised Invisiweld installation is reportedly also faster, saving time and money. With Itec’s four-metre width option and Invisiweld, there are said to be fewer but stronger seams in large areas, minimising potential failure hot-spots.

Mark Wilson, sales manager, Itec Contract Floors, comments: “Invisiweld offers tangible advantages for installers and end-users, making for a floor that’s faster to install, stronger and better looking. Contractors are turning to the method as a way to deliver clients a realistic look without sacrificing the value, durability and low maintenance of sheet vinyl. Invisiweld is a win-win for everyone and is compatible with all vinyl flooring from Itec Contract Floors.”

Through a patented needle system Invisiweld applies a chemical liquid to taped seams with a 10-minute curing time said to be all that is required to make for a stronger and less-visible join. Developed in German laboratories, the technique has reportedly been field-tested extensively.
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