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WITH various flooring finishes available, it’s important for contractors to weigh up the different options available and decide on the best flooring finish for each application at the early stages of planning.

There are three coatings available for hardwood flooring: lacquered, UV oiled or natural oiled. Alternatively, solid boards can also be supplied unfinished for finishing in situ, while a textured and ‘craft look’ can be added to boards with a brushed or handscraped finish.

Lacquered finish is a perfect solution, as it can provide a protective, hardwearing layer that can be applied in production, making fitting a quick and simple task. Unfortunately, lacquered finished floors can’t be spot cleaned, so the volume of footfall should be considered, as any scratches or marks means the floor must be sanded again and re-lacquered.

A natural oil finish is much more time intensive, with two separate coats applied as part of the process but is more durable and longstanding. This finish must be regularly maintained and re-oiled to keep its stunning look.

A UV Oil finish is applied in production, making it quick and easy to install. The oils sit in a thin flexible layer on the surface of the wood similar to a lacquer, which means it’s more difficult to scratch and flake, and with a low gloss level it means scratches are harder to notice.

For a more natural finish, brushed and handscraped finishes can also be used to bring out the natural look of wood - a perfect solution for more traditional projects wanting the look of an aged floor, without the years of wear-and-tear.

Selecting the perfect finish for an application is critical in achieving the desired look and feel of flooring - a crucial part of providing a premium service for your client.
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