Atkinson & Kirby - Refurbishment

WHEN a refurbishment is on the cards, it’s more important than ever to ensure the new design is the height of the style stakes, creating a look that stands the test of time, in durability and style.

When deciding on a flooring design to suit a project, it’s important to follow the overall look and feel of the environment, and with so many trend-led flooring options available, it’s now easier than ever to get a design that’s the epitome of style to suit a range of applications.

For the brands’ latest trend-led flooring offering, Atkinson & Kirby says it’s worked with top trend forecasters to identify the key trends in the flooring sector.

‘The first trend, Homeland, encapsulates the growing desire to embrace history in a contemporary lifestyle,’ says the company. ‘This trend is all about stripping things back, with mid to dark wood tones, concrete accents, and weathered finishes.’

Winter Desert focuses on authenticity, featuring earthy natural tones and deep textures, says A&K. Conversely, Organic Future’s tones are light oak, ash and maple coinciding with strong dark wood contrasts, smooth mattes and chalked greys.

‘Finally, Modern Revival is all about looking back, taking the best of past design, featuring patterns such as herringbone and chevron.

‘With various styles to suit a range of applications, it’s worth considering the flooring options available when refurbishing a space, as carefully selected flooring can add finesse, durability and a timeless finish, ensuring the look of a new flooring can last for years to come.’