Bona has launched Bona Titan

BONA has launched Bona Titan, a performance, silane-based adhesive that offers contractors a suitable bonding solution for oversized, solid boards, high value projects or installations where the quality of the bond must be guaranteed.

Bona Titan contains titanium technology, a new formula comprising quadruple crosslinking that’s said to deliver superior durability and an ‘unbeatable initial bond speed’ - even under challenging subfloor conditions.

It’s said to be a cleaner, safer alternative to 2-component PU adhesives, can be removed easily from pre-finished surfaces and it won’t stain your hands, the company says.

Bona Titan can reportedly be specified with confidence to bond all types of wood flooring. Its superb shear strength makes installation easy and keeps even the largest, solid boards securely in place.
If the subfloor is sound and dry, no primer is required, making it what’s described as an economical and convenient choice for the contractor.

Titan’s hard, silane-based formula contains no ingredients that can migrate after curing, which is said to eliminate all risk of discolouration at the joints.

The smooth, thick consistency is claimed to make it easy to use and produces stable ribs, an ‘extremely high initial grab and zero risk of hollow spots’.

The bond strength of Bona Titan won’t diminish over time so the stability of the floor is guaranteed for the long term, says Bona.

Furthermore, the company says, Bona Titan meets ISO 17178 standards and, in line with Bona’s environmental strategy, is a safe, clean formulation which also carries EC1-R Plus, DIBt, Greenguard and A+ low emission certifications.

Bona Titan is compatible with underfloor heating and can be used directly on metal or tiles, says Bona. Floors bonded with Bona Titan can be sanded after 12 hours.
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