Bona R848T silane adhesive

B ONA R848T silane adhesive is now available in a 600ml foil ‘sausage’ pack – suitable for when you need a smaller, manageable unit size. Using Bona R848T in this format also gives you the ability to use it for batton application in a bulk gun with engineered boards, or for trowel application. It also reportedly reduces waste.

Bona R848 and R848T are part of Bona’s range of ‘safe, clean, odourless and easy-to-work-with’ silane-based adhesives, all of which are said to be suitable for use with underfloor heating.

They are said to leave no black finger-marks and spills are apparently easily removed from pre-finished trims and floor surfaces.

Bona R848T is said to offer a higher viscosity than Bona R848 adhesive; it’s also said to feel thicker and has a higher initial grab which reduces the risk of hollow spots.

R848 and R848T are said to represent exceptional value for contractors. They’re ‘strong elastic one-component’ adhesives developed by Bona primarily for the easy installation of engineered wood floors.

The water and solvent-free formulations are said to lead to practically no swelling of the wood and their firm textures retain the trowel pattern during installation of the floor.

Floors installed with R848 and R848T will be ready for furniture and foot traffic the next day. Full technical details on all Bona adhesives can be found on its website.
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