Bostik Screedmaster products

WHEN floors aren’t level, the need to apply a smoothing compound layer thicker than the standard 3mm to 5mm can pose a problem with standard drying products.

Bostik Screedmaster Deep is reportedly the solution as it can be applied between 5-50mm in one step. Formulated with self-drying technology, it can reportedly harden to foot traffic and also dry to lay floorcoverings in a much faster timeframe than standard products. Walk-on time even at 50mm can be as little as 90 minutes, meaning project timescales aren’t compromised.

‘When the subfloor is found to be damp (above 75% RH), we’d always advise a surface applied DPM should be used prior to the application of Screedmaster Deep unless the floor can be left long enough to dry naturally,’ says the company.

‘As with most sites, time is limited, therefore a surface applied DPM is normally specified, with Bostik’s Screedmaster One Coat Membrane being a common option.’

Screedmaster One Coat Membrane has been designed to suppress residual construction moisture in cementitious subfloors, including those incorporating warm water underfloor heating, enabling floorcoverings to be installed earlier in building projects. It may also be used in direct to earth subfloors where there’s no base DPM and on calcium sulphate screeds (up to 87% RH).

When a thicker application of smoothing or levelling compound is required, there’ll be an increase in tension on the subfloor as the product cures and dries. ‘To combat this, a tenacious bonding primer compatible with the DPM should be used,’ says Bostik.

Screedmaster Epoxy Primer is claimed to offer the solution, ‘giving an excellent bond to the DPM and enabling Screedmaster Deep to adhere strongly’.
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