‘Caring for people matters’

WEBER says it believes that what matters most in the construction industry is to care about people and their environment. The company says it strives to promote safe and sustainable buildings aligned ‘with a vision of creating great places to live, that impact people’s daily life, and develop solutions to build and renovate energy efficient, comfortable, healthy and aesthetically superior buildings, while preserving natural resources’.

Weber says its marketing, R&D and building science teams work on inventing solutions consistently allowing the business to remain ahead of the market with the introduction of new technologies that make a difference.

In the industrial environment speed, strength and durability are said to be key to a successful floor installation. ‘Weber’s technically superior range of industrial floor screeds provide these essential attributes creating stronger, smoother, longer lasting floors,’ says the company. ‘The speed of application is up to 10 times faster than traditional screeds and the fast drying/curing properties allow forklift traffic or resin to be applied within 24 hours.

‘In the commercial and residential sector Weber’s range of floor screed products have been designed for optimum speed capable of achieving a smooth surface that is ready for foot traffic after a few hours and can be covered with a soft floorcovering in just 24 hours.

‘Various ancillary products support both ranges and include water-borne primer, glass-fibre net, dB matting for impact sound reduction on floors, and a highly moisture tolerant, epoxy resin damp-proof system.’

Weber says its products are produced close to the market they serve with manufacturing facilities in Bedfordshire, Shropshire and Co Antrim resulting in reduced transportation costs and carbon footprint with the benefits of improved availability and competitive prices.

‘Weber floor screeds are manufactured under the BSI quality assurance schemes ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Professional applicators are invited to contact Weber for technical support and back up to ensure correct product specification and performance with onsite inspection, supervision and nationwide training.’
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