Desso - Carpet tiles

DESSO says its Resonance flooring lends itself to vast commercial spaces seeking maximum design appeal.

The company continues: ‘Resonance is an exquisite design solution for sustainability conscious organisations.’ The marbling effect creates a diagonal movement that is said to transform public areas into breathtaking lobbies, and corporate buildings into ‘modern office masterpieces’.

Made from 100% Econyl yarn, a regenerated nylon sourced from recovered waste materials such as fishing nets and carpet yarn from Tarkett’s Refinity recycling facility, Resonance is described as paying homage to the beauty of organic movement in nature. Desso says: ‘Whether the end-user sees a rippling effect across water, swirling air or landscape scenes from an aerial view, the awe-inspiring result exudes sophistication’.

Ludwig Cammaert, design and technical development director for Desso carpets at Tarkett said: ‘The beauty of Resonance is that it can be interpreted in so many different ways. The collection truly comes to life when used in vast open spaces creating a sense of movement and nature that is impactful yet soothing.’

Said to offset the boldness of the design, the 50sq cm structured loop pile carpet tiles come in a selection of six subtle tones that match with complementary natural surfaces. The combination of different textures works particularly well for accent areas but Resonance is said to be at its most confident used as a stand-alone product to take on large scale schemes in style. The new collection also seamlessly combines with Tarkett iD Square LVT, further enhancing the creative capabilities and fulfillment of modern designers and architects. Together, Desso says, the two collections assist designers in making impressive spaces that truly unify functional integrity with natural flair.

Adding to its sustainability features, Resonance also comes with Cradle to Cradle Gold level certified DESSO EcoBase backing as standard.