Distinctive Flooring - Vinyl and LVT

SPECIFYING the flooring for an upcoming commercial project is an important stage in the design process. It’s important to ensure you choose a floor that not only suits the space but also works functionally.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is robust and versatile, which suits commercial spaces, with an option for every project. Quieter than hardwood, stone or laminate and warmer too, it gives the end-user a more positive experience, whether they’re in a retail store or hospitality space.

With ‘highly realistic and authentic appearances’, Distinctive Flooring is reportedly often mistaken for the real thing. You can find LVT in several different plank and tile sizes to suit the requirements of your space, whether you’re working with a contemporary, light theme, or a more rustic looking traditional space.

Read on for more about the benefits of specifying LVT in your next project.

Easy installation
Traditionally available in click-and-glue-down format, LVT can be easily installed on most subfloors. Most LVTs can be fitted alongside underfloor heating. However, it’s always recommended to ensure you check the maximum floor surface temperature. For example, Distinctive Flooring recommends a maximum flooring temperature of 27deg C for best results.

Most spaces can be completely fitted out with LVT in a few hours to a few days (depending on the size of the space and installation team), meaning minimal disruption to staff or to the continuation of your customer’s project.  

When comparing flooring options, LVT is a much more cost-effective solution than real hardwood flooring or stone tile flooring - particularly in larger, commercial spaces - and there’s no compromise to be made on appearance.

As retail displays change, design trends evolve and footfall increases, commercial flooring is exposed to a high level of daily wear-and-tear and as a result it’s important to look for a solution that will go the distance.

Distinctive Flooring is highly resistant to scratches, marks and scuffs, as well as being resilient to dents. It’s ideal for larger projects in this respect, offering the client a product which will stand the test of time in a high-traffic, commercial environment.

Distinctive’s wearlayers range from 0.3mm for lighter foot traffic to 0.55mm for heavier traffic areas. LVT is fully water-resistant and won’t swell or buckle if exposed to water, making it a strong option for areas that may see higher levels of moisture - suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and bars.

Another great benefit of Distinctive’s design flooring is that it’s easy to maintain, according to the company. Caring for your LVT floor is quick and easy; after a quick sweep and mop, the beauty of your LVT is easily restored and will look great for years to come - even better, there’s no need for regular sanding and waxing. LVT is often also commercial cleaning friendly, for easy cleaning of stubborn dirt or large areas.

The company says should you ever need to replace its tile, individual panels can be lifted and replaced, which reportedly makes ongoing maintenance much simpler than with real hardwood or stone floors.

Where commercial spaces are rented, ‘Click’ products provide the end-user with the option of ‘portable flooring’; simply have your floor lifted at the end of your tenancy and take your design flooring with you, wherever you go.

‘With exciting news and launches to come in 2019, make sure you’re following us on the details below,’ says Distinctive Flooring.
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