Dominique Ansel Bakery and Solus Ceramics

SOLUS Ceramics says it’s added a touch of flavour to the new Dominique Ansel Bakery in London, the first European location for the world-renowned pastry chef, with the installation of floor-tiles.

Dominique’s vision for his London bakery was a design aesthetic that not only brought a sense of wit, humour, and old-school charm to afternoon tea, but also reflected the surrounding London landscape.

With this in mind, London-based design agency & Create worked in conjunction with TGP consulting to implement the design concept.

Philip Marshall, creative director of & Create, commented: ‘Part of the design brief was to ensure that the aesthetics of the new London bakery were kept in line with the existing New York and Tokyo stores. Both premises maintain large clean spaces, so we wanted to implement floor tiles that were light, pure and added a touch of British flavour.

‘Having previously worked on numerous projects, I contacted Solus Ceramics who recommended the use of its Heartwood range.

‘The range features realistic wood effect prints that capture the organic beauty of natural timber planks, such as age rings and knots, but also offers all the benefits of a porcelain tile.

‘This meant that, unlike natural wood that can stain and scuff, the Heartwood range would not only preserve its appearance throughout its lifetime, but would be simple to maintain and could withstand the heavy footfall of a busy bakery.

‘In addition, we specified the range in a ‘Clemency’ colour that gave us a light and airy floor tile that not only complemented the design concept, but also helped unify the kitchen, service counter and seating areas throughout the bakery.

‘The overall result of the project is something Dominique and I are incredibly pleased with. By working closely with Solus Ceramics, we’ve been able to implement an interior design aesthetic that is fresh, vibrant and inviting, while offering an environment that passers-by will be enticed into.’

Michael Irvine, area sales manager at Solus Ceramics, said: ‘It was a great experience to work on chef Dominique’s first venture in Europe. The new bakery is the perfect example of how a neutral tile can help elevate a design concept and help unify a welcoming environment.’
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