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PU Design and PU AntiColor from Dr Schutz, a German floor care company, have provided St Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin with a refurbished flooring surface which was reportedly cost effective to apply, ensures protection against day-to-day medical spillages and is said to be aesthetically pleasing.

St Vincent’s University Hospital is a major academic teaching hospital, affiliated to University College Dublin. The floor in the busy Accident and Emergency department, and general admissions ward was 38-years-old. Areas of discoloured patching, which didn’t match the original floor, exposed previous attempts of repairing the damaged floor. Not only was this floor unattractive, but maintaining it proved time consuming and an expensive process.

In December 2013, specialist refurbishment and maintenance company, P.MAC, was commissioned by Dr Schutz Ireland to provide a visually pleasing floor surface which would offer protection against stains commonly left by infection-prevention hand gels. It was also imperative for the floor to avoid requiring buffing machines to maintain the floors, in order for maximum cost savings.

As a result, P.MAC used Dr. Schutz PU Design (RAL 7047) with a grey fleck. The hospital avoided the expensive procedure of replacing the floor by instead refurbishing the original floor by applying a layer of PU Design. This was instead of pulling up a large area of flooring for replacement.

This process is said to be ‘incredibly easy’ which also meant the entire project was also said to have been completed in a timely fashion with minimum disruption for the hospital ward.  

Following application of the PU Design, the floor can now be maintained using micro fibre mops and a scrubber drier in high traffic areas such as the main corridors.

This solution means St Vincent’s reportedly no longer has to carry out the expensive process of using buffering machines, saving the hospital high revenue on the maintenance of flooring.

Dr Schutz PU AntiColor permanent sealer was also applied to the 525sq m area as a safeguard assurance to protect against chemical spillage and guard against discolouration of the floor.  

‘We used Dr Schutz PU Design and PU AntiColor as it is a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire floor area,’ explains Peter Mc Namara, ceo and founder of P.MAC.

‘The floor was in a particularly challenging state. We needed a product which we could rely on to be withstanding of everyday chemical spillages. Both products were extremely easy to apply causing little to no disruption to hospital operation for the entire restoration.

‘By using Dr. Schutz, we were able to save the hospital money on the refurbishment of the floors without compromising on quality or durability.’
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