Eartwerks - Vinyl and LVT

EARTHWERKS says diversity, excellence in design and outstanding quality are the primary focus of its activities.

‘High design, high standards, attention to detail and a commitment to ‘best-in-class’ service characterise the core values of the company,’ it says.

‘As ‘the’ LVT pioneer, EarthWerks has been offering luxury vinyl flooring for almost four decades. Focusing exclusively on natural patterns, incredible organic colours and ‘true-to-nature’ registered embossing.’

The company says this dedication and focus witnessed the establishment of EarthWerks product brands such as Tempo, Wood Classic, and Wood Classic Plus.
‘Tempo was one of the very first ‘long, wide’ plank designs to hit the market and has since become a leading addition to the EarthWerks portfolio,’ says the company.

‘Available in 14 ‘on trend’ nature inspired decors, Tempo offers a sophistication in design and presentation that will always surpass expectations. EarthWerks was also one of the very first to bring EIR registered embossing to the luxury vinyl flooring sector.’

EarthWerks continues: ‘Wood Classic and Wood Classic Plus are our go-to brands for flooring that enthuses style as a combination of excellent design, sophisticated colours and authentic ‘true to life’ texture.

‘These ranges are outright triumphs in ‘true-to-life’ embossing and sold worldwide with enormous success.’

EarthWerks says it’s a respected innovator in luxury vinyl flooring, always keeping a strong pace in ‘fashion-for-floors’. ‘With this enviable reputation you can be sure EarthWerks will always remain your preferred partner for flooring with advanced style, colours and application,’ it says.

The company continues: ‘With industry-leading wear warranties, you can also be very confident our strive for excellence in quality means EarthWerks products are always the best they can be.

‘EarthWerks can be installed in residential and commercial locations secure in the knowledge that it will keep looking good for a very long time indeed.’
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