Exploring DESIGN/SENSE at Clerkenwell

TODAY, designers and specifiers are looking to develop products and places that both inspire but also deliver on the challenges we all face to create responses that embrace our wellbeing, material health, disassembly, circularity and value.

During Clerkenwell Design Week 2018, Shaw Contract will explore three major themes: sensory experience and wellbeing, designing healthy places, and the process of product development.

Working with a range of key partners and contributors, and through interactive workshops and discussions Shaw Contract says it will challenge visitors to think and consider what design/sense means to them, and consider who we are designing for.

On Tuesday 22nd May a series of interactive workshops will be running throughout the day, as Shaw Contract partners with leading Swedish design collective Form Us with Love (FUWL). The FUWL Prototypa product development workshops will focus on sensory experience along with the International Well Building Institute’s Victoria Lockhart; Designing healthy spaces with The Design Council’s Stephen Miller; and The process of production with Cradle to Cradle’s Thijs Maartens.

There will also be a talk by The Design Council on its latest research into the challenges of designing healthy places; and a panel discussion on opportunities for designing healthy places with thought leaders from Chemsec, The Design Council, Cradle to Cradle, and the UK’s Green Building Council.

On Wednesday 23rd May and Thursday 24th May there will be workshop/talks with Simon Harrop. An international sensory branding and design consultant, and ceo of BrandSense, Simon will explore the power of the senses and how to create a successful interior sensory experience.

From 16.00 – 19.00, on Wednesday 23rd May, Shaw Contract is pleased to host the launch of CFJ’s new publication: The Specifier’s Guide to Flooring, which will be introduced by guest speaker and facilities management consultant Fiona Bowman. The showroom will be open to guests until 21.00.

Shaw Contract will also be displaying its carpet and carpet tile collections throughout the Festival in its showroom hub 33, including its new Rapid Select. Made in the UK for the UK and European market, Rapid Select is reportedly manufactured with Shaw Contract’s eco solution Q fibre and Bronze Cradle to Cradle certified new backing Taskworx.