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ADVANCEMENTS in adhesives technology reportedly enabled F Ball & Co to create Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS, the first in a generation of adhesives for vinyl floorcoverings to combine temperature-tolerant and pressure-sensitive characteristics.

High temperatures or extreme temperature fluctuations can cause vinyl tiles and planks to expand and contract significantly, which can lead to unsightly tenting and gapping in the floorcoverings over time. This is often the case in conservatories or rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, which are subject to ‘solar gain’.

When installing floorcoverings in such areas, contractors should select a temperature tolerant adhesive. These can hold floorcoverings securely in place when subject to extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations.

Traditionally, when requiring a temperature tolerant adhesive, flooring contractors would have to forgo the advantages of pressure sensitive adhesives, which are suitable for installing vinyl tiles and planks because of the high initial grab afforded by them, making it easier to create intricate patterns and designs.

Technical innovations reportedly enabled F Ball to create Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS, which is said to offer the familiar characteristics of pressure sensitive adhesives, while developing the extremely high-bond strength required to hold floorcoverings in place in areas exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations (as low as –20deg C and up to +60deg C).  

‘As a result of improved plasticiser resistance, since its launch, Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS is now also been approved for the installation of vertical PVC flooring accessories, such as skirting, capping and coving, making it an alternative to traditional contact adhesives,’ says the company.

‘Unlike contact adhesives, it only needs to be applied to one surface, and the same properties that make it suitable for creating intricate designs allow for the repositioning of vertical flooring accessories during the early stages of drying. Styccobond F49 is also resistant to water, allowing it to be used in areas subject to water and high humidity, including wet-rooms.’
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