Feeling the heat

Cold midwinter nights always call for quality underfloor heating

G AIA Climate Solutions provides two main types of underfloor heating systems – a water-based system (often referred to as hydronic or wet) and an electric system.

AWater-based systems essentially use warm water from the central heating system and pump it through pipe circuits underneath the floor.

This type of heating uses water at a lower temperature than standard radiators which helps reduce heating costs.
Electric systems feature a cable which is evenly spread across the floor and is concealed within the floor structure. This is then linked to a thermostat and mains power supply.

With underfloor heating, heat rises steadily and ensures an even heat-flow across the whole room with no overheating which ensures running costs are minimised.

Gaia's underfloor heating systems are hidden under the floor allowing the consumer to utilise every square metre in their home as radiators no longer have to be considered.
Underfloor heating also requires a much lower surface temperature to heat a room which isn’t only energy-efficient but also financially efficient.

Unlike traditional radiators, no dust or carbon particles are passed around the room therefore reducing house dust mites which is a major benefit to asthma sufferers.

Manufactured to the highest European standards, Gaia’s underfloor heating solutions all come with comprehensive warranties to give the consumer complete peace of mind.
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