Fila’s ‘enhance the beauty

Fila’s ‘enhance the beauty’ collection includes three treatments, designed to protect and enhance natural stone surfaces, from marble countertops to limestone pavers.  As well as offering protection against water and oil, enhancing features reportedly include colour revitalization and a wet-look finish, suitable for BBQ areas and outdoor terraces. A special collection promotion will run throughout July, with discounts, complimentary point-of-sale materials and a voucher incentive programme offered alongside multiple purchases of the three treatments.

Stone surfaces are naturally porous and always require sealing to protect them from water, stains and the elements. The three Fila treatments each offer protection, whilst adding to the surface aesthetic and performance, the company says. Designed for unpolished stone and agglomerates, including tumbled, flamed and natural sawn finishes, water-based Fila PT10 and solvent-based Fila Wet are each said to create a glossy wet–look which is weather and UV-resistant; the water-based option can be applied over residual moisture, whilst the solvent treatment has an additional consolidating effect, suitable for older surfaces. The third product, Filastone Plus is a solvent-based colour enhancing sealer that can be used on unpolished and polished surfaces to protect and revive colour tone. It is suitable for marble and granite worktops and decorative stone finishes, from cladding to fireplace surrounds.

Additional Fila promotions are planned for late summer and autumn, and will include a September promotion of Fila Kitceramica - which includes three treatments for post installation cleaning, grout protection and ongoing maintenance of ceramic and porcelain – and an October Grouting System promotion.
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