Fila Salvaterrazza

FILA’s protection range includes a new consolidating treatment developed for worn paving and pool areas. New Fila Salvaterrazza is designed for stone, porcelain, ceramic, agglomerate and concrete surfaces.

The ready-to-apply treatment consolidates, without forming a film, allowing surfaces to breathe. It then prevents future water penetration, as well as mould and efflorescence formation. The high coverage treatment also protects against frost and damp and will not ‘yellow’ with age, says Fila.

Fila Salvaterrazza is brush-applied to surfaces following a thorough clean. On application, it penetrates fissures, forming a chemical bond and consolidating cracks up to 1mm in depth. As the treatment allows the material to breathe, it prevents rising damp.

In addition to patios, terraces, pools tanks and surrounds, Fila Salvaterrazza is suitable for spa and leisure environments, including saunas, steam rooms and changing rooms.
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