Fila surface care range

FILA says its surface care range includes various cleaning solutions and floorcare kits for all types of tile and natural surfaces.

Suitable for post-installation cleans and on-going maintenance, the range reportedly spans high performance detergents, to epoxy grout and grease removers.

Many of the solutions form part of FILA’s Green Line and the range is reportedly recommended by more than 200 leading flooring brands.

Best-selling ‘core’ cleaning products’ include DETERDEK, FILACR10, FILACLEANER and FILAPS87.

DETERDEK is a concentrated acid detergent, with a fume-free buffered formulation for safe application. It’s said to be suitable for the removal of building site dirt, including cement and adhesive residues, from acid-resistant surfaces.

Also designed for post-installation cleaning, FILACR10 reportedly safely removes epoxy grout residues from non-porous materials, including porcelain, glazed ceramics and glass mosaics.

For deep-cleaning and on-going maintenance, FILACLEANER provides a universal, pH-neutral option and can, it’s said, be used on all surfaces, including polished and porous stone, and wood.

Three-in-one degreasing, stain-removing cleaner, FILAPS87 then caters for porcelain and unpolished stone, especially heavily soiled, stained and textured surfaces where it can restore original aesthetics and slip ratings.

The range also includes protectors, finishing products and trouble-shooting treatments, as well as the new ‘FILAKIT’ for ceramic and porcelain – suitable for retailers and as a ‘leave behind’ maintenance kit in new installations.
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