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LTP’s Ecoprotec range is claimed to provide trusted protection and maintenance solutions for the contract flooring sector. Treatments are said to benefit from the most advanced research in water-based technology and combine ‘high performance with low odour and low VOC formulations’.

They’re designed to care for tile and stone surfaces – inside and outdoors – and are developed and manufactured by LTP in the UK.

New product innovations include Ecoprotec Cement, Grout & Salt Residue Remover – a treatment which replaces conventional acids normally used to remove cement and grout residues. The new product can be used on all types of tile and natural stone surfaces, except those with a polished finish.

Notably, it can be safely applied to unpolished acid-sensitive surfaces, including limestone and travertine. As well as removing new and existing building residues, the Remover also disperses rising salt residues caused by issues including substrate moisture and spot fixing.

Other new treatments include Ecoprotec Blackstone – an outdoor sealer and restorer for dark natural stone and artificial stone surfaces. The new water-based impregnator restores the appearance of faded limestone, marble, slate and concrete. Suitable for external hard landscaping, Ecoprotec Blackstone is fast and safe-to-use and the permanent finish created provides protection against the elements. It can be applied in multiple coats until the desired colour effect is achieved – from grey to ebony.

Advice on specifying the correct treatment for surface type and symptom can be accessed via – LTP’s product selector tool for the contract market.

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