Flooring and tiling adhesives - BAL Adhesives (1)

SUITABLE for fixing natural stone and large format ceramics, porcelain and terrazzo, BAL Pourable One tile adhesive is said to be a new and improved alternative to BAL Stone & Tile PTB.

With all the same reported benefits, BAL Pourable One is available as just a white adhesive – meaning only one bag is needed – making it a suitable solution for commercial flooring installations with light, translucent stone.

‘Easy to mix, pour and spread, it’s highly flexible meaning it can be used on key installation including underfloor and undertile heating, plus installations subject to limited movement and vibrations – such as highly trafficked areas including shopping centres, car showrooms and airports,’ says BAL.

Suitable for internal or external use and dry or wet environments, BAL Pourable One can be grouted in only three hours for fast-track installations.

Pot-life of 45 minutes meanwhile allows you plenty of time to fix and spread with one mix.

A key benefit of the product is said to be its suitability to be used at 25mm bed depth in one application, making it suitable for patch repair and for use with uncalibrated stone or uneven floors.