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BOSTIK has introduced Bostik’s Best – a new, solvent-free, multifunctional dispersion adhesive that’s suitable for use with LVTs, linoleum, rubber, sheet vinyl, thermo-acoustic underlays and more.

Designed to offer the best-in-handling characteristics, Bostik’s Best has an open-time range and a high bonding strength, as well as pressure sensitive properties. It’s also suitable for use as a contact adhesive, making it suitable for coving applications.

‘Owing to its low emissions, the adhesive has an EC1 rating and also passes BREEAM EN13999,’ says Bostik. ‘It offers excellent coverage rates, has a high residual tack and dries quickly to form a strong bond.’

Bostik’s Best is said to be suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations and reportedly offers high resistance to plasticiser migration. Like all other suitable adhesives in the Bostik professional flooring range, Bostik’s Best is on the Polyflor Approved Adhesive List.
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