Flooring and tiling adhesives - Bostik (2)

THE Bostik range of cementitious and ready-mixed adhesives is said by the company to provide fixing solutions for almost every tiling requirement.

‘Rapid setting with enhanced adhesion’: Bostik MC250 Vitri-Flex is claimed to be a fast-setting, flexible, thin or thick bed adhesive. Suitable for bonding almost any tile type to walls and floors, it’s specially formulated for fast-track installations, says Bostik.

The company adds: ‘This adhesive is suitable for most interior and exterior installations and allows tiles to be grouted in just two to three hours after fixing, with no requirement for flexible additives.’

‘Non-slip and flexible adhesion’: Bostik MC310 OPF is a non-slip, flexible wall and floor tile adhesive which only requires the addition of water for use, says Bostik.

It adds: ‘It has high water resistance and is suitable for fixing a range of tiles to most standard interior and exterior installations including swimming pools, plywood overlay, underfloor heating and areas subject to limited vibration.’

‘Ready-mixed with high bonding strength’: For a wall tile adhesive with excellent adhesion to a wide range of internal substrates, look no further than Bostik A100 Showerproof, says Bostik.

The adhesive is designed for fixing ceramic tiles to walls in kitchens, bathrooms, showers, and toilets. It's available in white, with no grout discolouration.
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