Flooring and tiling adhesives - F Ball

THE 2019 edition of F Ball’s recommended adhesives guide (RAG) now includes a record number of adhesive recommendations for more than 6,000 branded floorcoverings from over 200 leading international manufacturers, says the company.

Every adhesive recommendation is reportedly stringently tested and must be endorsed by each individual floorcovering manufacturer before it can be included in the RAG. Such is the company’s confidence in the compatibility and performance of the adhesive and floorcovering recommendations that F Ball says it provides a complete guarantee of success of installations using its recommendations, as long as the advised preparation and installation procedures are followed.

The RAG features the newly reformulated Stycco Flex rapid-curing flexible adhesive, which is now approved by flooring accessory manufacturers for installing PVC flooring accessories including skirting, capping and coving.

‘The tube adhesive is known for its ability to bond almost any absorbent or non-absorbent material found in the flooring and construction industries, and its recent reformulation has enhanced dimensional stability and plasticiser resistance, enabling 100% compatibility with PVC accessories,’ says F Ball.

It adds: ‘Also featured in the RAG is the reformulated Styccobond F41 carpet tile tackifier, which now provides improved coverage capabilities, faster drying time and increased tack, while still allowing carpet tiles to be lifted easily when required. Flooring contractors will also notice F41 is now significantly easier to apply as a result of reduced viscosity.’

F Ball’s sales director, David Hibbert, said: ‘Using the wrong flooring adhesive can often result in costly remedial work or even total floor failure, therefore it’s imperative the contractor is confident in their choice of adhesive.

‘The F Ball RAG has become an invaluable reference tool for contractors, presenting them with the optimum adhesive for every type of flooring installation with the peace of mind that they are covered by our 100% guarantee of success.’

Available on the F Ball website (where it’s updated throughout the year), or as a free app via the Apple and Google app stores, the RAG is also available as a printed A5 booklet.
Free copies can be requested by using the below contact details.
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