Flooring and tiling adhesives - Kerakoll

KERAKOLL says it has a comprehensive range of high performance flooring adhesives for wood, laminate, vinyl, textile and ceramic. ‘These have been developed to be as friendly to the environment and human health as possible without sacrificing performance and ease of use,’ it says.

The company’s Biogel adhesive range has just been awarded the Tile Association prize for Best Innovation 2018. The range uses gel technology to create a new type of tiling adhesive, ‘so smooth and easy to use that tilers love using it. Its other main plus point is the simplicity of choice as the same adhesives can be used for all tiling materials and all substrates, no matter how deformable’.

This, says Kerakoll, allows you to avoid the minefield encountered trying to choose between all of the many formulations necessary when using standard cement-based adhesives to deal with deformable substrates and different types of installation.

The company recently added rapid setting Biogel Revolution (C2 FTE S1) to the existing two adhesives: Biogel No Limits (C2 TE S1 standard set powder form) and Biogel Extreme (R2 hybrid gel).
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