Flooring and tiling adhesives - NICOBOND

NICOBOND Rapidflex Fibre S2 is the new ‘high performance, highly flexible and versatile’ wall-and- floor tile adhesive from British manufacturer, Nicobond.

‘With high-strength, rapid-setting qualities and a high polymer modified and fibre-reinforced formulation, Nicobond Rapidflex Fibre S2 achieves exceptional results with excellent handling characteristics and meeting the requirements set by the EN12004 S2 classification,’ says the company.

‘Nicobond Rapidflex Fibre S2 is perfect for internal and external applications as well as bonding to green screeds. It’s perfect for tiling swimming pools, timber floors and for use with under-tile heating systems.’

Established in 1958, N&C Nicobond has just celebrated its 60-year anniversary. The company is a British manufacturer and distributor of tile adhesives, grouts, smoothing compounds and tiling systems. It says it’s further developed its powder range of adhesives making use of raw material technologies, which offers the professional tiling contractor ‘exceptional handling characteristics alongside market leading levels of strength and flexibility’.

The company says every product within the range has been formulated and rigorously tested to exceed all the relevant British and European Standards.