Flooring in education - Mapei

MAPEI has introduced two adhesives into its ‘already extensive range’: Ultrabond Eco MS 4LVT and Ultrabond Eco MS 4LVT Wall. These single component silylated, polymer-based adhesives are designed for luxury vinyl tiles, planks, and as a universal adhesive for most types of resilient floorcoverings.

Ultrabond Eco MS 4LVT is reportedly an integral part of the recently launched Shower Systems 4LVT, a full system for in-shower LVT wall and flooring installations. The adhesive can be applied in areas where traditional two-part adhesives would usually be the only option.
Being a single-part adhesive there’s reportedly no mixing required, thus no waste. Mapei Ultrabond Eco MS 4LVT is a thixotropic adhesive, ‘ensuring tiles achieve an immediate grab’.
‘Completely unaffected by moisture, it can be applied in areas which are constantly exposed to water such as wet-rooms and communal showers,’ says Mapei. ‘Unused material can be used for up to a year as long as the lid to the bucket is correctly replaced.’

Shower Systems 4LVT also apparently comprises a full tanking system, incorporated with Mapeguard WP200 waterproofing membrane.
Kerapoxy 4LVT grout can be applied for an authentic ceramic tile effect, and is available in six colours. Also, part of the full system is a clear sealant, Mapecoat 4LVT, that is applied to the wall and floors, and provides R11 slip resistance.

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