Flooring in healthcare - BAL Adhesives

BAL’s Easypoxy AG epoxy adhesive and grout are said to make floor tiling easy in hygienic areas such as hospitals. They are for walls and floors and are said to be chemical-resistant and solvent-free and protect against the build-up of bacteria.

Available in white, black and grey, it’s new formulation provides end-users with an epoxy that’s claimed to be much easier to mix, apply and clean-off during installations.

‘The improved product has an excellent set time of only 12 hours, compared to 24 hours with the previous formulation,’ says BAL. ‘What’s more, the product has an extended pot life of 45 minutes, giving users more time to mix and apply.’

Recommended for commercial and domestic installations including hospitals, kitchens, industrial/chemical plants, showers, swimming pools and other hygienic critical environments, BAL Easypoxy AG is said to be suitable for fixing and grouting ceramics, porcelain and fully vitrified tiles, mosaics and glass or translucent tiles including glass mosaics.

Alex Underwood, head of marketing, said: ‘BAL leads the UK tiling market with our continued focus on innovative solutions and leading performance for our end users. This focus ensures we develop new products with our customer base at the heart of this process.

‘This product provides immense benefits for fixers, contractors and specifiers alike, producing significant time and cost savings and ensuring tiling installations are durable and resistant to the challenges of hygiene critical locations.’

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