Flooring in healthcare - Gerflor (1)

THERE’s no doubt cleaning plays an essential part in helping reduce the risk of infection in hospitals, and providing a clean, safe environment for patients and visitors is a now a priority for hospitals and medical facilities. The fight against infection is an ongoing crusade which is always taken seriously by quality flooring manufacturers.

Gerflor says it’s well-established in the healthcare market. ‘Gerflor has been raising the standards in this sector for more than 60 years by delivering new, innovative solutions to meet the stringent demands of the market and its environments embracing; pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, together with high technology, research labs and the bio-technology sector,’ says Gerflor.

The debate surrounding the battle in controlling contamination in medical facilities and clean-rooms is always a strong one and the situation is constantly presenting a challenge. Corners are where a lot of imperfections can be found.

Owing to their shape, it makes cleaning and decontamination extremely difficult. Poorly welded corners and joins can easily tear or sag under the weight of heavy footfall and the movement of medical equipment.

In the worst-case scenarios they become weakened by use and ultimately end up losing their water-tight integrity – a disaster for the facility with the possible onset of harmful bacteria being harboured in the affected area.

In partnership with cleaning professionals, Gerflor has developed the Clean Corner System which is claimed to be patent pending, innovative corner solution. ‘Years of research and development by Gerflor has led to this unique system which is only effective with Gerflor floors,’ says the company.

‘The Clean Corner System technology meets the requirements of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry in accordance with good manufacturing practices including easy coving with limited and easy welding.

‘The Clean Corner System for contamination control in cleanrooms is watertight, resistant and durable, easy to clean and decontaminate, offering a clean, attractive and uniform finish. It’s suitable for E2 and E3 zones with easy manoeuvring of twist upright vacuum cleaners with no blind-spots, together with providing a neat and uniform design for all corners.’

Gerflor continues: ‘Procure 22 represents the third iteration of the Department of Health Framework providing design and construction services for use by the NHS and social care organisations for a range of works and services. Winning any of their annual awards is akin to a being awarded a Healthcare Oscar.’

Gerflor says it’s recently been awarded Procure 22 framework status with a certificate in the efficiency and productivity section for realising efficiencies, and in the innovation and product design division, winning with its Clean Corner System.

Gerflor says it’s at the forefront of innovation and design in healthcare establishing them as a critical supplier of hygienic flooring solutions for a host of healthcare environments.

‘Gerflor focuses on delivering a strong partnership approach and providing efficiency, together with supplying real value for their clients. It’s all about helping clients reduce lifecycle costs by producing value management rather than value engineering.’

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